EA Materials Packaging System

Specialised Packaging System

Apart from the conventional amber glass bottles packaging, EAM also offers customised high purity solvent dispensing system to customers who wants more. These returnable and recyclable containers have the following features and benefits:
  • Reusable container to reduce carbon footprint
  • Serial number container tracking systems to trace product integrity
  • Enhance safety of users by reducing solvent exposure and eliminate the risk of glass breakages
  • Maintaining product quality longer by reducing exposure to environment
  • Reducing storage space required for chemicals
  • Cost saving on chemical glass bottles disposal

EA Materials Specialised Packaging System

VG1 Main Gas Supply Valve
PCV1 Pressure Regulator
VG2 Regulator Gas On/Off Valve
FG1 Gas Filter
NRV1 Gas Check Valve
VG3 Gas Inlet valve
PG Pressure Gauge
PRV Pressure Relief Valve
VS1 Main Solvent Supply Valve
NRV2 Solvent Check Valve
VS2 Solvent Outlet Valve
EA Materials Packaging System Electrical Ground
EA Materials Packaging System Solvent Line
EA Materials Packaging System Gas Line
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