We are a specialised local manufacturer in high purity solvents. From process, packaging and delivering final products, you will be working in a variety of industries with diverse job roles. When you join us, you will get the opportunities to:
  • Work with talented people from different backgrounds.
  • Complex work ranging from product development, engineering design, production operation to marketing and logistics.
  • Customers across different sectors such as oil & gas, palm oil, pharmaceutical, universities and testing lab.
We strongly believe in hiring the right people to grow our organisation together and we will support you in taking these challenges together with us.

What We Look For

EAM prefers graduates to have science and engineering background. However, we are also keen to meet peoples who are passionate, enthusiastic and motivated. EAM is committed to renewable talents. We offer short internship and industrial placement throughout the year.


Your development

We place high emphasis on the development of our graduates as you are assets to the company. Upon joining, you will get the opportunity to learn through hands-on experience, be it in production, laboratory or commercial. You will also benefit from in-house training that covers both hard technical knowledge and the softer business skills. Regular feedback and review will be provided to keep track of your progress. Support is central to our company culture. Our experience colleagues will be more than willing to share their knowledge and experience with you. At the same time, our managers also take pride in developing their team members.
Elite Advanced Materials Careers Opportunities


Short Internship

  • Up to 10 weeks, depending on individual requirement
  • Experience real work as part of a team
The short internship generally starts off with a short induction and you will be assigned to different projects or business units. You will have a support of a mentor to ensure that you obtain the most of this internship.

Industrial Placement

  • 6 to 12 months duration
  • For students in the third year or fourth year
You will have a good opportunity to gain valuable experience through the longer duration of internship. It will start off with a full introduction to your team and business units which you will be joining. You will be able to make an impact through plenty of exposure to real life projects and responsibility. Regular review with your manager will be conducted to ensure that you obtaining the most out of it. Prove yourself and you could be offered a permanent position!
Elite Advanced Materials Careers Opportunities
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