A Hopeful Start to a Safer 2021

Published: Wednesday, 06 January 2021

Most of us have started work under the new “Norm” and are preparing our children for school in the next couple of weeks. While eager to get back to the routine we are used to, we need to face 2021 with optimism and caution. Optimism is that the approved vaccine is able to prevent serious illness from Covid19 and the world is underway to get as many of us vaccinated as possible. Caution is that this vaccination program will still take till the end of 2021 to get most of the population vaccinated. A vaccinated person may still be able to infect others and could still cause serious harm to those not vaccinated yet. More so, children below the age of 18 years (for Moderna's) are not recommended to take the vaccine yet as trials are still being carried out (16 years for Pfizer’s).

As a community, we need to strictly observe the SOP of social distancing, wearing a mask and good hand hygiene. More importantly, individuals need to exercise social responsibility as our own action can still cause harm to others.

Last month, in the spirit of giving, we want to do our part in giving back to society. We've teamed up with the good people at Love Creation Management on a collaborative effort in providing Alcogiene products to those in need. We will be using Miss Chloe Chan’s artwork for a special edition of hand sanitisers to be part of the charity give-away. Kudos to also the consolation prize winners. You children definitely give a smile with your awesome drawings.

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