Safety & Chemical Handling Seminar organized by Chemical Management Centre (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)

Published: Tuesday, 13 June 2017
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Seminar

Introduction of solvents which covers:
  • What are solvents and where are they from?
  • Why are they so many types of solvents and what are their applications?
  • What are the safety and health concerns with solvents?
High purity solvents and why is quality important?
  • How to choose the right brand with so many option?
  • Producers vs repackers
  • QC of high purity solvents
What are the differences in the grades of solvents and how to choose the correct one for your application?

Case studies

UniversitiTeknologi Malaysia (UTM) Seminar is organized by The Chemical Management Centre (CMC) UPMU in collaboration with Revlogi Materials on the 18th of May 2017. Elite Advanced Materials Sdn Bhd (EAM) is invited to give a seminar regarding "Understanding How Solvent Types, Grades and Quality May Affect Your Application."

Presentation by Dr Tay Feng HuaiPresentation by Dr Tay Feng Huai

The seminar is presented by Dr Tay Feng Huai. The main target audience are the postgraduate students, research officers and also lecturers. Almost 30 participants from UTM have attended the seminar. From this presentation, the take home note is to fully understand the danger of the chemicals through proper safety documentation and reduce exposure when handling chemicals in the laboratory.

Presentation by Dr Tay Feng HuaiParticipants from UniversitiTeknologi Malaysia (UTM)

CMC is a platform for chemicals management issue such as procurement, inventory, distribution, disposal, safety and accreditation, and also coordinate uniformity and partnership. One of the mission of CMC is to educate the campus community in all aspects of chemical handling and safety, and this seminar is one of the programmes planned.

Dr Tay has conducted the seminar in a way to get end users to think for themselves and their colleagues "What are the safety and health concerns with chemicals and solvents?". This aligned with the mission of CMC and we hope to organize more of such educational seminar.

Presentation entitled Presentation entitled "What are the safety and health concerns with chemicals and solvents?" by Dr Tay

Token appreciation is given by Dr. Firdaus from UTMToken of appreciation is given by Dr. Firdaus from UTM

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