A Trip to Japan

Published: Tuesday, 05 December 2017
The 6th International Seminar on Green Energy is being held September 13 -15, 2017, hosted by University of Yamanashi, Japan. This international seminar is designed for 100 selected young researchers to participate in a lively discussion on future energy conversion technology, focussing on the areas of fuel cells, solar energy, and the generation of new energy. My current research work focussing on the development of photocatalyst materials for a wide range of different applications including solar wastewater treatment, hydrogen energy production and dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSCs). Aligned with this international seminar objectives, I had been given an opportunity to be a part of this international seminar to share on our patented technology known as Solar-Driven Water Purification Technology (SWAPT) which uses solar energy and green materials to treat the wastewater.

In addition, being selected as one of the recipients for EAM travelling grant award for participating in this seminar in Japan was one of the best achievement that I had ever received. I was very grateful to get this opportunity along with the sponsored by UTP and University of Yamanashi, Japan. I departed to Japan with 2 of my colleagues (Nicholas and Wai Hong) and this is my first time ever visiting Japan, which is famous fortheir advances in future technology and cleanliness. Besides getting myself busy with the seminar, I did travel to several places in Japan. With 2 of my colleagues, I went on a road trip to Asakusa Kannonji and Sensoji temple along with other famous places. It was really a great journey with full of the historical site and a new culture to be explored.

The total of one week journey is totally worthy enough for me despite busy with the current research progress and projects to be finished. I do encourage all of the researchers to travel around the world for building our connection, sharing and exchanging our expertise with each other. By doing that, the synergy between the collaborations could produce a significant impact toward the society. In addition, the funding help from the industrial is important to support the students in participating this fruitful seminar. I am glad that EAM introducing their travelling award scheme which really helpful especially for the students who are known to have a limited budget and funding. Thank you very much !

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