Biotech Connection Singapore (BCS) Mixer

Published: Thursday, 05 May 2016
A ‘BCS mixer’ event was hosted by Biotech Connection Singapore and sponsored by Elite Advanced Materials (EAM) and A*StartCentral. The networking session event held at Block 79@Ayer Rajah and attended by over 50 professionals from local biotech which resulting in fruitful connections.
The mixer event was kiskstarted with President of Biotech Connection Singapore, Dr. He Cairan shared the upcoming activity organized by the society. He also introduced the new Executive Committee, SAB and Mentors, and made a brief on the future plan of BCS initiative to strengthen the current local connections BCS and promote the formation of new partnership. Dr He. Cairan also highlighted three core principles to engage community that are education, communication and consulting.

The Dr. He’s speech was followed by the Dr Tay’s presentation. Dr Tay is a co-founder of EAM. He presented the five core principles of his company. The core principles are;

1. Trust and Integrity
The product produced always be trusted and always show high integrity in dealing with customers.
2. Positive Impact
The main idea of having the company is to support local high purity solvent user to fulfill their needs which currently, they always having problem with their current supplier. It also to give extra services such as consultation on what type of solvent that suitable for their usage.
3. Working with others
The company always focusing on giving a good service to end-user. To achieve that objective, the company always have the open discussion in order to understand their needs and to fulfill them.
4. Constantly Innovating
Part of company culture to have a regular brainstorming meeting to improve the product quality as well as to make the production process economically efficient.

After the speeches, the host prepared some light refreshment and the attendees have their opportunity to mingle around and to know each other well. The networking session has stimulating the future collaboration in order to improve the local biotech industries.

Biotech Connection Singapore is part of an international network of non-profit organizations that aims to promote the transfer of ideas from theory to real world applications by providing a platform for fostering interaction between academia, industry and businesses.

Biotech Connection Singapore (BCS)

They aim to connect innovators with each other and industry resources to help you get the support necessary to conceptualize, develop and commercialize technology & research.

Their engagement with the community occurs via three ways: education, consulting and communications

To know more about the host of the event, Biotech Connection Singapore, please find out more on their website,

A*START Central

A StartCentral
A*StartCentral is a co-innovation space for Inspiration, Productisation and New Business Ventures. It is located on Level 5 of Block 79 at Ayer Rajah One North’s Launchpad Consortium. Amidst a vibrant R&D community with some 35 incubators, 500 start-ups, and 2000 talents across a wide range of industries and disciplines. It provides:
  • Technology Incubation
  • Startup Incubation and Acceleration
  • Talent Incubation and Technology Community Development

Check out more details at, or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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